Ghee dosa


One of my favorite Indian dishes is the ghee dosa and it doesn’t contain any meat! It is nice and greasy and it’s served with a coconut sambal. I think the stall at Lau Pa Sat does a great job.




Some people like pain in their religious ceremonies. Not me. It doesn’t interest me in the slightest. I think this one was taken during Deepavali in Singapore. I took in January 2013, so that sounds about right.

Abort mission!

I remembered I had to pick up some groceries on the way home from work. I got off at the Novena station, because Cold Storage has Schweppes Ginger Ale while Fairprice has that F&N overly sweet crap.
Going up one escalator I spied what looked to be a beautiful tall Chinese woman.
She looked in my direction and began to head in my direction- too quickly!
She was approaching too fast!
She got on the same escalator step as me.

Something was wrong. My sixth sense alerted me to look…
at the hands.

Huge, masculine meat hooks. The kind that could…open up a tightly sealed jar.

I recoiled.

Abort mission! Abort! Abort!

The huge pores, the-

Adam’s apple!

I retreated down one step.


Haw Par Villa- Chinese Hell

Monkey King dispensing justice.

Monkey King dispensing justice.


I'm not sure what's going on here, but I like it.

I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I like it.

Pigsy doing something

Pigsy doing something

Haw Par Villa- Chinese Hell

The tycoons who made their fortune selling Tiger Balm created the Haw Par Villa to depict the punishments which awaited Chinese in Hell. Many of the dioramas are pretty graphic. All of the dioramas of Hell are pretty graphic. This picture shows someone being sawed in half for some transgression. Below is is a liar getting his tongue ripped out.
It’s not all serious though. Last of all is Pigsy, (豬八戒) the comical sidekick of the Monkey King.

I held a baby monkey

In September 2011 I went up to east coast Malaysia. I went to Cherating and Tasik Chini, where I did not see a tiger. I saw a flock of hornbills from afar.

In Cherating, I saw dusky langurs within the city! I also saw a flying squirrel, a tree shrew (which was too fast to photograph) and this baby macaque. I couldn’t find wifi anywhere in that town, so I had to visit an internet cafe. While checking my email I saw something black crawling around on the floor. It was this female macaque. I don’t think she even had her teeth yet. She was very cute. 

At the bottom is a photo of one of the big tree frogs that hungImage out near the toilet in the guesthouse in Tasik Chini. They even hung out in the toilet bowl itself. I chased them out before I used the facilities. ImagetImageImage