Abirama Indian Restaurant, Little India

On my way to a party, I had a serious craving for ghee dosai, so I turned into a restaurant on Buffalo Road.
I ordered the ghee dosai which was huge. The coconut sambar was delicious as was the dhal. I’m not sure what the grayish green sauce was on the right. It was a good ghee dosai.
I also ordered chicken liver because I’ve never had offal prepared by Indians. It wasn’t bad, but too much for me after eating the dosai. It was spicy and cooked with fresh cilantro. It was moderately spicy. The two bread like puffs were served with a potato sauce and maybe a dhal. It would have better for breakfast. As it was, I had enough carbs with the dosai. Lastly, I had a mango lassi which was wonderful. It came to $11.80. Not bad for all that food.







Formosa Delights, Food Republic

I ordered a set meal at the Food Republic after the gym last week. I ate the stewed peanuts first. The fried dumplings were fine. I wasn’t in the mood for carbs, so I just picked out the meatballs, Kai Lan and fried anchovies from the bowl of noodles. The broth was delicious. Not as healthy, but the beef pancake sold there is better.


Koh Grill and Sushi Bar

It was a sunny Sunday and as I was looking for a place to eat dinner, I remembered that there was a sushi bar on the fourth floor of Wisma Atria on Orchard Road. I was looking for a dumpling place and indeed there are stalls selling dumplings in Food Republic, but since I haven’t treated myself to sushi and this place had been written up in one of the state owned newspapers, I waited and got a seat at the bar. The bento boxes looked uninspiring but cheap, so I ordered some sushi and yakitori a la carte.
The yakatori came first. The chicken tail was juicy and savory. It was so good, a reminder of how good chicken can taste.  The chicken skin was delicious. Not healthy at all, but crunchy and bacon-like.

A nice surprise was oyster wrapped in bacon- intense and rich. The pork cheeks that came later were dry and disappointing.
The seared maguro with citrus sauce looked better than it tasted. It needed fat and salt.
The octopus salad was a nice surprise. The octopus was fresh and tender and the wasabi was robust. I would recommend this place.





Shandong Pork Sandwich

Outside the People’s Park exit in Chinatown is a stall which makes flatbread sandwiches. The bread is similar to pita bread and it is stuffed with roasted pork belly cubes, cilantro and cucumber slices. Chili is available upon request. For only $2.50 I can’t imagine anything better in Chinatown for that price. Needless to say, it is heavenly, albeit messy.





Manhattan Pizza Company

Sometimes I hanker for comfort food. There is good pizza in Singapore, but it tends to cost about $25 or more for a pizza. Lo and behold, in Basement 1 of Orchard Central is this pizzeria which sells American-style pizza. The margarita has plenty of cheese and fresh basil and not too much tomato sauce, which I don’t like. The pepperoni is greasy and wonderfully chewy. I only eat junk food once or twice a week, but MPC’s pizza is a welcome break from healthy Asian food.


Saravanaa Vegetarian

Don’t worry- I still eat plenty of meat. But I am curious to know more about Indian cuisine, so I ate here after checking out the aquarium at Sentosa. I ordered the mini tiffin, which included a dosai, coconut sambal (which I love), dumpling type things in dhal, rice pudding, onion relish and some other nourishing paste. The dosai was good, if a little small. Overall, it was delicious and different. I really don’t know much about Indian food. I washed it down with a mango lassi.