Black truffle pizza

A colleague had his going away party at Drinks & Co on Club Street in Singapore. They don’t make the pizza there. I think they get them from Spizza down the street.
Anyway, this thin crust pizza has fresh mozzarella, basil, an egg baked in the middle and truffle paste. It might be the best pizza I have ever eaten. The crust was perfect, the runny yolk was wonderful and mouthfuls of real truffles tasted awesome. At $25 SGD it isn’t cheap, but worth it.



Genki Sushi

I’ve been here a number of times. It’s a Japanese chain, so in theory the standards are higher. In practice, they are, too. The prices aren’t ruinous either. It’s on the third floor of Orchard Central. Other than tuna sashimi, horse mackerel, salmon sashimi (not pictured) I ate shrimp kagiage and steamed Hiroshima oyster sushi. The shrimp kakiage was served amidst fried onions which are tormenting with gas hours later. It was mostly fried onions with three puffy tempuraed shrimp on top.
The steamed oysters were delicious. They were served atop rice. There was some vinegar and creamy sauce served atop these small tasty oysters. I recommend this place.