Beet, fennel and feta soup

I love cheese and feta is one I don’t eat often enough.  The soup was good and I think there were tomatoes in there as well. I just wasn’t as hungry as I thought I was, so I didn’t finish it. Of course I wanted more feta in the soup. Feta of course goes very well with beets. 


The accompanying flatbread sandwich contained bulgogi beef, maybe coke slaw and inexplicably cheese. Again I love cheese, but it has its place.



Vietnamese Omelette

  Sunday morning I came here, to Comnam, the Vietnamese broken rice restaurant.  

The fried calamari had a flavorful and crispy batter. The dipping sauce was made of green chilies and lime juice.  
The omelette was served with a few prawns, pork belly, pickled carrots, scallions, a few chilies and leeks. I guess it was pretty healthy. 

Ocean Rockefeller

After putting in five hours of writing, my brain hurt and I wanted a drink. So I ambled over to Tanuki Raw on the second floor of Orchard Central. 

I ordered a whiskey sour and unbeknownst to me it was a frozen drink. I swear I didn’t know this.

The Ocean Rockefeller dish is comprised  of scallop shells laden with smoked salmon and scallops, then coated in mozzarella cheese and torched.

It was a little sweet, but not bad. 

The drink was fine, but not my usual style.   

Smoked Salmon Salad with Hard boiled Eggs

After putting in a few hours writing my upcoming novel, I wandered up Orchard and found this café in the bowels of Orchard Central. Restaurants come and go in Singapore. Medz was my favorite western restaurant in Singapore. By the time it closed last year, however, its quality had declined. 

The Manhattan Pizza Company was another restaurant which I mourned.


The name of the café is Tvoila and they apparently specialize in teas. 

The lemonade was great.

  The salad was big and as you can see, served in a big wooden bowl. I prefer regular old round bowls, but other people seem to like square and other non-traditional bowl shapes. 
There was a lot of smoked salmon and maybe two eggs. It’s a good value for $16. 

Spaghetti with Grilled Chicken, Leeks and Asparagus

I suppose I was looking for comfort food last Friday. 

Dolce Tokyo, on the fourth floor of Bugis Junction is a Japanese-French fusion café.   While I’d usually get a dish with Parma ham, this dish appealed to me because long ago, I worked as a waiter at the Macaroni Grill in Livonia, Michigan. The fettuccine Alfredo with grilled chicken was pretty popular there and this dish brought back memories. The chicken was good, the leeks and asparagus were also good, but some nutmeg in the sauce would have been welcome. 

First I had a Caesar salad. I was annoyed that the dressing was served on the side, but the salad itself was pretty good. The croutons were large and flavorful, the radicchio welcome, as its bitterness improved the salad. There was even some bacon in it, that had found its way to the bottom of the oddly shaped bowl.

  The Pinot Grigio wasn’t bad either. 

Fried chicken waffle sandwich 

Yeah, you heard that right. Wednesday night I abstain from exercise and eat and drink unhealthy food and libations, respectively. 


So I first had a Green Goblin cider.

Then the entree arrived.


 The savory waffles were the bread. A béchamel sauce provided lubrication. Besides the béchamel there was also bacon and cheddar in the sandwich.

It was delicious. There was a scoop of mashed potatoes with gravy. 

Yes, of course, I would return to Fat Man burgers.  

Shrimp with spaghetti in coconut sauce

Consumed by your correspondant in Singapore today in Plaza Singapura at Bangkok Jam.

The shrimp was perfectly cooked, tender and not chewy. There was a sprig of cilantro atop the pasta. Unlike Italian sauce, this Thai fusion sauce does not stick to the noodles. 

Don’t get me wrong. The coconut sauce, cut with lime juice and chili oil was delicious. I would have liked to sop it up with bread. 

This dish might have worked better with rice which would have absorbed the flavors better.