Three Little Pigs Café

How I wanted to love this place! In basement two of Takashimaya Shopping Center, I wanted to love this pork- heavy restaurant with an intriguing menu.

Was I disappointed! The pork in the pork bowl was cold, sitting atop a salad and a cold poached egg. I didn’t like the grilled corn on the cob either.

This dish, grilled cherry tomatoes with smoked cheddar was embarrassing. The tomatoes were cold and the cheese hadn’t melted at all. The orange sauce was nice, but I can’t believe that the person who made this for me can call himself a cook.

Maybe this bad meal can be attributed to teething pains?

I wouldn’t recommend going to this place. 


Beef Stew With Radish and Carrots

Supposedly a Bhutanese stew, I had to add salt. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t nearly as good as the chili cheese stew I had at The Soup Spoon last week. It tasted like a basic beef stew except for the Sichuan peppercorns contained within. 

The ham sandwich was okay. I’ll try the other Bhutanese soups as soon as I can.


Orange Kaya Pisang Crème Brûlée 

That’s a lot going on. Kaya is coconut jam and pisang is Malay for banana. 

There were croutons on top. I don’t why they were there as they added nothing. The bananas were layered on the bottom of the pan. There was too much going on- a crème brûlée should have two textures, the crunchy top and the creamy custard. 

I wasn’t happy.

The cheeseburger was decent, though. 

I ate this at Everything With Fries at Bugis Junction.


Soba Noodles

Believe or not I’ve never had soba noodles. Eaten cold, on ice even, they are made from buckwheat and in this case also with green tea.

What I was supposed to do is dip the noodles in the sauce. I mistakenly added the sauce and chives to the bowl.

Live and learn.

I had this as part of a set meal.

 The set included tempura vegetables and a few prawns, miso soup and pickled vegetables. 
The miso soup was good.

I started off with a crunchy and chewy jellyfish salad. 

The sake was decent. 

I went here a few years ago, when I was new to Singapore. It’s not bad. 

Spinach Ricotta Ravioli

Sometimes I like comfort food and ravioli is such an item. Or are an item, because ravioli is plural.

Pasta Mania is a local chain which serves exotic Italian food. Well, halal Italian food, so no prosciutto nor pancetta. 😭

After I added cheese and pepper:

It was undoubtedly made in a factory and frozen and thawed, but it was tasty.

The minestrone was at least as good as Progresso’s.

Pasta Mania is okay I suppose, but it’s no Olive Garden.