Keisuke Tonkatsu Spring Ramen 

As of a week ago, I have tried all four seasons of Keisuke’s Tonkatsu ramen.

This one contained basil and Parmesan cheese. Although leery at first, I reckoned I would give Keisuke the benefit of the doubt, as he is a master of ramen and Italian flavors can complement Japanese flavors sometimes.

The broth is already very savory and the cheese makes it even more full of umami, as Parmesan cheese contains natural MSG. Also in the bowl was black fungus (slightly rubbery) chopped pork, chives, seaweed and a perfectly cooked egg. 

I had some of the pickled bean sprouts before the ramen arrived. 

I like the green tea cola and I’m not crazy about green tea. 


Keisuke Summer Ramen

Keisuke Ramen has four flavors reflecting the seasons and the King ramen reflecting tyranny.

It’s similar to the Autumn ramen, as it features the same rich broth, sliced pork, minced pork and perfectly cooked eggs, but without the chili oil. There is also a big flat piece of seaweed and chopped scallions. It is delicious. 

I like the Summer ramen, but I prefer the Autumm ramen. 

Keisuke makes the best ramen in Singapore by far!  

Keisuke Summer Ramen

It’s winter in the Northern Hemisphere, but it’s always hot and summery in tropical Singapore, so January is as good a time as any to enjoy this spicy ramen at Keisuke Four Seasons ramen restaurant in Bugis.

The broth is so unbelievably rich and savory that my mouth waters just thinking about it. Seaweed serves as an edible backdrop to the big bowl of noodles. 

The egg was cooked perfectly, the yolk soft and velvety. In the middle of the bowl was a scoop of spicy minced pork. Spicy, sautéed pork was on the right, atop noodles and black fungus, a pleasantly chewy member of the mushroom family. That Japanese red chili powder spiced things up throughout and the chopped leeks added another nice flavor to the dish.

It is awesome ramen. 

I did avail myself of the complimentary hard-boiled eggs. The one I ate wasn’t the perfect egg I ate in the ramen. 

The spicy pickled bean sprouts were also delicious.

Keisuke even sells their own green tea cola which I really like. 

If you haven’t been here, take my advice and get thee forthwith. 

Keisuke King Ramen

Keisuke Four Seasons has won a few awards, including the best ramen in Singapore.

It was amazing! I upgraded for the extra ingredients. Pork belly, seaweed, a perfectly cooked soft boiled egg, chives, black fungus and fried shallots adorn a bowl of noodles in a rich, savory almost creamy broth. I can’t imagine better ramen. I was in ecstasy. 

You can have all the bean sprouts you can eat. They were warm and dressed with sesame oil. There’s a big jar near each setting. I sat at the bar.

One can grind sesame seeds which one can then dip the pork. The crunch was nice, but it seemed like a lot of effort and the pork was so good as it was. 

You can also eat all the hard-boiled eggs you want. The bowl of ramen was so big and satisfying, I couldn’t imagine eating more eggs. 

The green tea cola was great! The flavor was mostly cola with a little green tea. 

It felt like I was in a corner of Japan. 

I recommend this restaurant highly. If you live in Singapore, you really should visit.