Keisuke Tonkatsu Spring RamenĀ 

As of a week ago, I have tried all four seasons of Keisuke’s Tonkatsu ramen.

This one contained basil and Parmesan cheese. Although leery at first, I reckoned I would give Keisuke the benefit of the doubt, as he is a master of ramen and Italian flavors can complement Japanese flavors sometimes.

The broth is already very savory and the cheese makes it even more full of umami, as Parmesan cheese contains natural MSG. Also in the bowl was black fungus (slightly rubbery) chopped pork, chives, seaweed and a perfectly cooked egg. 

I had some of the pickled bean sprouts before the ramen arrived. 

I like the green tea cola and I’m not crazy about green tea. 


Spicy Tonkatsu Ramen

I went to this ramen shop, Kanshoku a few months ago but I was furious that the tomago onsen (soft-boiled egg) had to be ordered a la carte. There weren’t then and still aren’t menu descriptions, so why would I think that this one ramen shop didn’t include the egg that every other ramen shop in Singapore includes with their ramen?

This time I knew better so I ordered the egg. I thought I’d give this place a second chance and as I was making progress writing I just wanted to get some food in my stomach and continue.

It was good and as you can see, they didn’t fuck up the egg.