Boat Noodles 

I went to Bangkok Jam with some students last week for lunch. The lunch menu had ceased to exist. Everything else was kind of expensive for lunch, so I had this bowl of noodles, called boat noodles for some reason explained on the menu.

Rice noodles, pork meatballs, bean sprouts and lime juice- it would cost $2 in Thailand, but $10 here.   
I ordered it dry and the sweet and tangy broth was served on the side. 

Don’t expect fast service here at lunch. 


Ghost Pepper Wings

Last Sunday I felt like feces but I still went out like a trooper and typed up a few pages of science fiction crap that nobody wants to read.

 Ghost peppers are supposed to be very spicy. Were they?

Not really. The chicken was spicy, and I liked the fried chicken immensely. I really liked the savory mashed potatoes made from scrAtch.
  Spicy, yet greasy, I enjoyed it.  

Noodles with Minced Pork and Pickled Vegetables (猪肉雪菜手工面)

I had this last Sunday at the Taiwanese noodle stall after I had recovered from a bad flu. 

In that bowl of wonderful broth was a soft boiled egg, hand made noodles, fried anchovies, bok choy, fried leeks and chilies. It was magically restorative! I also had some cold steamed peanuts. That was a wonderful lunch. I never had anything like this when I lived in Taiwan, so I must not have gone to the right place. 

This stall (part of a chain) is up on the fourth floor of 313 Somerset, in the Food Republic. 

Dry Chicken Dumpling Soup

In Singapore a dry soup has the broth served separately. 

I see Kotsujiru Nabe almost every day as it is located in Bugis Junction where I buy groceries at Cold Storage and work out at California Fitness. 

It’s not bad at all and the broth is excellent. The noodles were dressed in soy sauce and the dumplings were light, being filled with chicken meat. 

Roasted Pork Belly with Mung Bean Sprouts

This is more of a typical Singaporean meal than most of the meals I post.

Last Saturday I had the flu and my fridge was pretty empty, so I shuffled to the food court at the corner of Geylang Avenue and Lorong 29 to have this for lunch. I don’t really love the dark sweet sauce put on the pork. The pork belly was both chewy and crunchy as it should be. The broth was nice and peppery and the mung beans I ate because I felt deprived of vegetables. 

I felt better later the next day. 

Keisuke Tonkatsu Spring Ramen 

As of a week ago, I have tried all four seasons of Keisuke’s Tonkatsu ramen.

This one contained basil and Parmesan cheese. Although leery at first, I reckoned I would give Keisuke the benefit of the doubt, as he is a master of ramen and Italian flavors can complement Japanese flavors sometimes.

The broth is already very savory and the cheese makes it even more full of umami, as Parmesan cheese contains natural MSG. Also in the bowl was black fungus (slightly rubbery) chopped pork, chives, seaweed and a perfectly cooked egg. 

I had some of the pickled bean sprouts before the ramen arrived. 

I like the green tea cola and I’m not crazy about green tea.